Magen’s Bay, St. Thomas – A Top 10 Beach Destination

Magen's Bay, St. Thomas, Jon Blomquist

I’m really excited to welcome all my readers to a new series on the site: “The Beaches of the Virgin Islands“. In this series, I will commit to the daunting task of exploring the best beaches in both the US Virgin Islands, as well as the British Virgin Islands. I know, it’s going to be tough. But I figure I would take a step forward and review the best beaches on the islands, so anybody coming down for a trip will know exactly where to go upon arrival.

In addition to the well-known beaches, I am extremely excited to hunt down and locate the extremely secluded beaches for you. As I have now been here in St Thomas for 5 months building up the site with some information on my previous travels, I am now going to be moving towards writing about the local scene. I will be showcasing more and more of the Virgin Islands over the next few months, and reviewing the lifestyle and culture of the locals.
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