“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Inspiration & motivation to get out and see the world can sneak up at any time. The idea of travel excites most of us, questions & expands our comfort levels, and causes us to ponder about what we are going to do with our limited time here on Earth. Whether you are a free spirit who just gets up & goes without any plans, or a first-time traveler looking for some basic inspiration and guidance, below are some great travel resources that will help move you toward your first steps, as well as keep you on your chosen path. Feel free to add any recommendations for other readers in the comment section below.

Booking Flights

Booking Accommodations

Travel Guides

Travel Gear

Travel Books


Booking Flights


An absolute favorite – Numerous adventurers continue to use Kayak as their first search for plane tickets. Kayak searches multiple sites, usually displaying the cheapest bookings in many searches. Be sure to select “Choose other sites to compare to Kayak” before searching. Kayak will usually open up multiple search windows from other search engines, saving you time and giving you side-by-side review.

Google Flights –

I have had really good luck with Google Flights recently. It’s a very simple, easy to use format, and has become one of my go-to spots for checking flights to anywhere. Be sure to check both round-trip and two one-way tickets. For some reason, Google Flights has been a winner for the majority of my most recent flights, when both were one-ways.


If you’re searching for a short and cheap flight, be sure to check with Skyscanner. This site is similar to Kayak, but on many occasions, it can find other, smaller carriers that were missing in Kayak searches. This could save you some dough, so be sure to check it out.


Widely considered one of the best sites for international destinations, this site has been able to provide both regular and discount airlines at good prices. Be sure to check them out for overseas flights, where they appear to specialize.

Booking Accommodations

Here at Immersion Traveling, we look to find accommodations for the long-term, which usually entitles apartment hunting. The best route to find an apartment in your desired destination is to actually go on foot and walk or drive in the area you think you may want to settle. This avoids many surprises or issues with your new home. However, if you’re looking for something shorter-term, the below resources have been known to supply adequate housing for both budget & leisurely stays.

Airbnb –

With accommodations in over 30k cities, Airbnb has become a front-runner in the rental & vacation stay industry. People looking to rent out their condos, villas, apartments, boats, manors, treetops… whatever… can showcase their place for individuals looking around the world for accommodations, usually at much better prices than competing hotel chains. Just create a profile, search the listings, and book it!

Couchsurfing –

Couchsurfing is an absolutely unforgettable route to use, in both the planning of trips as well as last minute requests for a place to stay with fellow travelers. Couchsurfing is not only a place to find accommodation from local travelers living in your area of travel, but it is a great community of like-minded people & friends, always willing to help out. Being a member and participating in the community is sure to create many great memories and friendships. If you’re open to exploring the world from a local’s perspective, looking for budget or free accommodation, or want to host other travelers in your own city, check out the community here. This is a great tool for Immersion Traveling.


Hostelworld.com has been one of the top, go-to sites for finding budget accommodations around the world. It is very user-friendly, and has seen overall great reviews. Be sure to become a member and save on all of your bookings!


Same concept as hostelworld.com, and rarely have much of a difference can be found, as they are both owned by the same parent company. However, occasionally, one can find some hostels here that are not able to be found on hostels.com, and vice versa. Your best bet is to check both sites and compare.


For a more common travel approach with good deals, Trip Advisor has been known to provide a good medium for travelers looking to find deals with both hotels & private owners; Good bed & breakfasts and vacation homes in which owners are willing to work with on pricing. The site has great peer reviews on the accommodations, as well as the destinations.

Travel Guides

Lonely Planet

Whether on paper or on the web, Lonely Planet guides are a great source to direct travelers to cultural landmarks, as well as off-the-beaten path destinations. They are a great source if you are going through places unknown.

DK Eyewitness Travel

If your a visual person who loves lots of pictures, then these books are for you. These guide books make the research a little easier on the eyes. Not only are they visually pleasing, they are very informative about both tourist destinations, as well as local hot-spots. Check out their Top-10 Guides, which list their top 10 features of many cities around the world.


World re-known as being one of the greatest travel guides for decades, Frommer’s is an absolute must when researching or on the road. Their guides are very comprehensive, and have also expanded their in-depth knowledge with their online platform.


WikiTravel.org has become a trusted source for many years. Whenever going somewhere unknown, this site provides very useful, basic, and necessary information; How much should you expect to pay for a taxi? How much is the train? Is the water potable? What neighborhood is safe/dangerous? Overall, a great site with fellow traveler input for a brief review of your destination.

Virtual Tourist –

Claiming over 1.3 million registered and active users, this community of travelers and locals share experiences and advice. This is a great site to do some research on your next planned destination. You can ask any travel related questions in the community forums and expect an answer, usually within 24 hours.

Travel Gear

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ful Refugee Laptop Backpack

ful Refugee Laptop Bag

North Face Base Camp 90L Duffel

North Face Base Camp Duffel

Hilo Travel Combination

Hilo Travel Converter Transformer

Travel Books

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The Expat Guidebook

Tim Anderson Marginal Boundaries The Expat Guidebook

How to Travel the World…

Matt Kepnes How to Travel the world on $50 a day


Rolf Potts Vagabonding


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Free: Duolingo – SpanishDuolingo Spanish

Paid: Synergy SpanishSynergy Spanish

The Language Hacking Guide - Benny Lewis

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Free: Duolingo – FrenchDuolingo French

Paid: Rocket Languages – FrenchRocket Languages French

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