Machu Pichu and Cusco

Jon Blomquist, Machu Pichu

While deciding what places I would mark off my bucket-list in South America, Machu Pichu and Cusco were always at the top. “The Lost City of the Incas,” was a travel destination that had always been at the forefront of my mind since a favorite teacher of mine, Mrs. Flynn, introduced it to me in 3rd grade history class. This was the first time that I remember having a deep interest in a school subject, and it peaked with learning how different cultures lived. In a previous post, “El Calafate, Argentina” I stated that I had experienced my first moment of “Awe.” Machu Pichu was the second. The amount of history, culture, and overall beauty of the landscape, overthrew everything that I had envisioned in my head. It is my wish that every traveler make it to this destination at least once in their lifetime.
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El Calafate, Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier - Jon Blomquist
El Calafate holds a very special place in my heart. As obvious through the photo above, it was the first place that gave me that unique, pure “awe” moment.

Nestled in the frozen South of Argentina, this quick weekend trip into Patagonia both amazed and frightened me. Amazed, in the sense of its pure beauty and marvelous landscapes. Frightened, in the sense that it made me realize how much of an insignificant speck of dust that I am, standing beneath such powerful, towering, and beautiful creations.
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Why Do I Travel?

Visby, Gotland, Sweden“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

Several times, over the past few years, I have pondered a question; Why do I travel? Really…What keeps me going? Why do I do it? These questions were laid onto me, originally, by my close friends and family. At first, I was unable to answer their inquiries. I tried to think of something quick in response. After all, it should be an easy answer, correct? Everyone wants to travel! Here I was, doing it! Why should I even have to answer this question? Worse yet, how come I was fumbling around for the words to be able to answer this question?? Continue Reading…

Why So Few Possessions…

Jon Blomquist in Gotland, Sweden

Upon arriving at my new destination, wherever that may be, I am often asked by my host, “Where is the rest of your stuff? Why so few possessions…” This is a good question, and one that I have had to explain many times before.

Since I started traveling, I have significantly cut down on the amount of luggage I carry around. Before, I would pack many items that I thought “may come in handy” or I would just bring along items for preventative measures. Now, I can fit everything neatly into two bags. And this consists of 95% of my personal belongings!
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Do You Need to be Rich to Travel?

train station, Stockholm, Sweden

“You travel a lot… You’re always popping up on my news-feed tagged in a new location… You must be rich!”

I often hear these words upon mentioning the places in which I have been blessed enough to travel.

Do you need to be rich to travel? Hearing the assumptions of some of these people, you’d think I was blessed with Mark Zuckerberg abilities, sold off a giant startup (I’m working on it!) or won the State Lottery, and am now swimming in an infinite pool of cash.

The secret is… I’m not. Not even close. And I especially don’t have any special “Zuckerberg” abilities.
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