The Not-So-Glamorous Side of Running Your Online Business

online business desk

In the previous post “How Much Does it Cost to Start an Online Business,” I detailed the benefits of starting an online business, specifically the low up-front costs most online ventures will require. In comparison to the majority of business start-ups, particularly the traditional brick-and-mortar setups, the capital needed up front is usually a fraction than what most people would expect. This is a huge motivating factor to get going on selling your new product or service and making your easy millions! However, it is not easy, as there are many other things to consider when deciding to start your online business; Particularly, the amount of time that is required. And, do you have that time and the resources readily available?
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How Much to Start an Online-Business?

online business laptop

You may be wondering how it would feel to run your own online business. How would it be, if, every morning you were able to wake up and proceed with the day on your own time. No boss would be there to tell you what to do, or how late you would need to stay, or how to “more efficiently” complete the same tasks. You would be able to move about the world as freely as you are able. No borders would hold you in, as long as you had some passive income streams to allow you to enjoy your new-found freedom from the office confines.
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Do You Need to be Rich to Travel?

train station, Stockholm, Sweden

“You travel a lot… You’re always popping up on my news-feed tagged in a new location… You must be rich!”

I often hear these words upon mentioning the places in which I have been blessed enough to travel.

Do you need to be rich to travel? Hearing the assumptions of some of these people, you’d think I was blessed with Mark Zuckerberg abilities, sold off a giant startup (I’m working on it!) or won the State Lottery, and am now swimming in an infinite pool of cash.

The secret is… I’m not. Not even close. And I especially don’t have any special “Zuckerberg” abilities.
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