Visiting Wine Country – Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza Horseback Tour

One person says “Mendoza, Argentina,” and all people immediately think of wine. After spending a week in this beautiful city, I concluded that there is good reason for this. It is, after all, where I fell in love with Malbec.

This small city of about 115k people, should not be missed while venturing around the Southern regions of South America. With hundreds of wineries (and counting), Mendoza has been named one of the nine “Great Capitals of Wine” in the world. The Greater Mendoza region is the largest wine-producing area in Latin America. And wine tourism is booming!
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El Calafate, Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier - Jon Blomquist
El Calafate holds a very special place in my heart. As obvious through the photo above, it was the first place that gave me that unique, pure “awe” moment.

Nestled in the frozen South of Argentina, this quick weekend trip into Patagonia both amazed and frightened me. Amazed, in the sense of its pure beauty and marvelous landscapes. Frightened, in the sense that it made me realize how much of an insignificant speck of dust that I am, standing beneath such powerful, towering, and beautiful creations.
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