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What is Immersion Travel?

For most people, travel consists of going out into the world for a few days or a couple of weeks at a time. Sightseeing, visiting the landmarks, beaches, shopping, zip-lining, and other tourist attractions, consist of 99% of the activity that one experiences in the limited amount of time allotted for the vacation. Usual accommodations consist of resort-style hotels or fancy bed & breakfasts. For others, usually younger travelers, the adventure comes in the style of backpacking through exotic countries, and just getting a glimpse of the foundations of the culture & people. The weeks of travel are fueled with adrenaline, itching to move on to the next place, nearly as soon as you’ve entered the first. Though both of these forms of travel are nice for certain reasons, they just skim the surface to the insight and overall benefits of long-term travel.

Long-term travel, in the form of cultural immersion travel, allows the individual to fully experience a new way of life. From the surface, differences in language, clothing, fashions, daily interactions, and foods will be obvious. But only after long-term immersion travel can one fully comprehend the concrete ideas of their new neighbors, their thought processes, their values, their language, build strong relationships with the locals, discover the endless opportunities for shared business & commerce, and live a life outside of the box in which they themselves grew. Immersion Travel is the type of travel that consists of setting yourself up in a new location for an extended period of time, in order to more fully enjoy these benefits. But first, one must be location independent.

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What is Location Independence?

For the vast majority of individuals, the idea of being locked & chained to your desk job for your entire life sounds like a nightmare. Having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and where you want, is desirable. However, the large majority of people will never achieve, or even attempt to achieve, this goal. Location Independence allows an individual to live & work on their own time, if they choose, or merely live & work on running their business at every hour of the day, but with the freedom to choose their desired location.

Achieving location independence, or “going mobile“, is becoming more & more common with individuals across the globe. The technological advances in today’s world have opened up far greater and further-reaching capabilities & opportunities, than ever before. Countless individuals are learning how to take their businesses and lives into the online world.

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How to Start Work and Travel Overseas

True Immersion Travel can only be experienced if you have the necessary resources and independence to take with you on the road. Here at Immersion Traveling, I hope to help & inspire those individuals looking for something more out of life; To explore the world outside of their borders. To engage with individuals across the globe. To expand their personal, physical, and mental horizons. To share in the technological opportunities through trade and commerce, which allowed me to build my own website agency while I traveled around the world.

One must first figure out if a life of travel is for them. Read some of the recommended resources on this site to build up some knowledge and attain some inspiration for your future adventures. Do your research. If you decide a life of travel is for you, you must then decide if you are willing to take the steps necessary to achieve location independence. Do you have what it takes to move your entire life, business, and/or family toward a Laptop Lifestyle?

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