What is Immersion Traveling?

Contadora Island, Panama

What is Immersion Traveling? For the large majority of people, I would venture to guess that the idea of Travel consists of going out into the world for a few days or a couple of weeks at a time. The thought of travel has always been a nice thing, but it usually is just that – A thought. Most of the time, “life gets in the way” and there is no spare time to be found. When most people actually do go somewhere to travel, it is usually for a short stint, enough to tell the neighbors & friends about all of the different foods they tried, or how many amazing sights they saw in one afternoon. Whether that be time spent laying out on the beach & sipping a Margarita, or taking a backpack through the jungles of the Amazon, the overall period of time for each trip is limited.

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St. Patty’s Day Around the World

Chicago River, Illinois, Dye the River Green

Celebrating a little bit ‘O Irish culture is not so hard to do, wherever in the world you may happen to be. Whether you are visiting parts of Europe, North America, or even the South Pacific, there is sure to be a group of people “being Irish” for the day. This festive holiday has continued to experience growth for generations, accumulating in city-wide parades, pub crawls, endless singing, the wearing of green attire, bagpipes, and enjoying Irish fare with a few too many pints of Guinness. This year, the National Retail Federation forecasted that spending should amount to an astonishing $4.1 billion. A large group adding to this number is the “Millennials.” It is predicted that nearly 8 out of every 10 in this group will be celebrating St. Patty’s Day. Nearly 30% of them plan to hit up the pubs, helping amount the predicted total sales of beer to $255 million on the day.
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Benny Lewis Language Hacking


When it comes to helping the Immersion Traveler find both inspiration and language learning hacks, you are hard-pressed to find two more suitable candidates than Timothy Ferriss, author of “The 4-Hour Workweek”, and Benny “The Irish Polyglot” Lewis, author of the newly released “Fluent in 3 Months”.

These two guys have been a huge inspiration and have had a huge impact on the creation of “Immersion Traveling” for many reasons. For one, they are life-hackers. They find ways to get the most quality results in the shortest amount of time. When it comes to learning languages, they have dissected the approach, taking the 20 percent of strategies & content that comprise of 80 percent of the results, and concentrate on pounding out that material over the course of a few months. Usually, after 3-6 months, they show how you can obtain conversational fluency in virtually any language.
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Welcome to a Life of Travel

Machu Pichu, Cusco, Jon Blomquist

Hi! My name is Jon Blomquist.

Like many kids growing up in small-town America, I always had dreams of “making it big” or living the life that was seen only in the movies. The way to success, as I had always been taught, was to work your butt off towards it, and you would eventually achieve it… even if it took you 40-50 years in your industry.

The lower middle-class work ethic that was instilled by my parents to move me into this direction, started at the ripe, young age of 6, when I took over my sister’s paper-route. I was the youngest (however not of legal age!) paperboy in town! This job would last another 8 years until I started high school. During these years, I would also engage in the usual young entrepreneur’s businesses of selling home-made bracelets, lemonade, basketball/football/baseball cards, and forcing family members to pay for tickets to in-house shows & presentations, performed by yours truly!
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